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We have only one litter a year on average (20 litters in our 20 years in US)striving for quality, not quantity, work hard to screen potential owners (Black Russians are not a breed for everyone) and to match each new owner with the puppy that is the best fit for him/her.  We offer our support and expertise to new owners and will take the dog back at any time if owner cannot keep him/her.

We do our best to ensure that both parents of our puppies are a good match for each other and come from lines with long-living dogs.  Our goal is the preservation of the breed's best qualities while improving health, structure and temperament.  Even a companion puppy still should be a good representative of the breed.  A good groomer can create a very nice-looking dog out of a walking nightmare (like trimming a hedge into any shape :), but if you plan to keep your puppy in a pet trim, make sure there is a good dog under the hair when you look at the parents.  Of course, you have to meet the parents - or at least the mother - for that :)  Think about it before buying a puppy sight unseen based on the photograph of the parents. Meeting the breeder in person also assures that the two of you can communicate and you can count on the breeder'shelp and support for the rest of dog's life.  Same goes the other way, we want to meet you in person to make sure you are a good match for our puppy.


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